Preventive Dentistry

It is often said, “Prevention is better than cure”. This holds absolutely true in case of your teeth. There are lots of problems, which can be completely avoided or can be reduced to a great extent if you give a little more time and thought to your teeth.

Prevention can be done in following ways:

Prevention of Tooth Decay/ Tooth infection/ Dental Caries (cavities)

Maintaining oral hygiene: cavities can be best avoided by maintaining proper cleaning of teeth using good quality brushes, toothpastes, and interdental cleaning aids.

Fluoride application – It is also very helpful in children as it strengthens the tooth structure against decay.

Filling of the initial cavities: cleans the area and prevents the spread of decay/ infection deep into the pulp (blood vessels & nerves).

Regular check up: is necessary because it helps the dentist to find any early cavities that can be restored by a simple filling.

Preventive Dentistry side
Gum diseases side

Prevention of Gum diseases

  • Maintaining oral hygiene : Tooth loss due to gum disease can be best avoided by maintaining proper cleaning of teeth using good quality brushes, toothpastes, interdental cleaning aids
  • SCALING : Even though you use a meticulous brushing regime there are some areas in the mouth specially in between the teeth which cannot be cleaned, This not only leads to cavities in between teeth but also swelling of gums in between teeth, This requires professional cleaning or SCALING EVERY 6 MONTHS.
  • Regular : dental check up also helps.

Prevention of Mal-alignment of teeth/ Crooked Teeth

Save milk teeth as far as possible

Save milk teeth as far as possible

Milk teeth preserves the space for the erupting permanent teeth. If these milk teeth fall prematurely, space for the erupting permanent tooth will be lost which will lead to crowding and malpositioning of teeth.

Pit and fissure sealants

Pit and fissure sealants

early detection and restoration of pit and fissure cavities adds to the life of the tooth.

Functional appliance therapy

Functional appliance therapy.

The size of the teeth and the jaw can give an indication for future mal-occlusion. We at Clinic Eximus comprehensively study the patients and can prevent future braces treatment with early functional therapy.

Space Maintainer

Space Maintainer

Sometimes milk teeth fall on their own prior to the stipulated time or are so much infected that they cannot be saved. In such conditions we must save this space of milk teeth till the time the permanent teeth erupt. Space maintainer appliances are used in such conditions to prevent future malpositioning of teeth.

Prevention of Tooth Loss

  • Regular and correct method of brushing: timely scaling and fluoride application.
  • Root canal treatment: of deeply infected teeth-RCT helps in saving such compromised teeth where infection has reached till the deepest layer of tooth and the surrounding bone. Once the source of infection is treated the tooth is absolutely normal and healthy to function like a normal tooth.
  • Replacement: of missing teeth should be carried out as early as possible to uniformly distribute the functional load and to restrict the movement of adjacent and opposite teeth into the empty space.


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Teeth Cleaning also called SCALING helps to remove the tartar from the teeth . This tartar or Calculus is the reservoir of all bacteria that lead to gum diseases and cavities .Gum diseases have shown to also have a correlation with Heart Diseases .

Even after teh best practices of twice brushing and flossing daily , there is some tartar or calculus that gets deposited on the teeth surfaces , specially in between teeth . This can be effectively removed by Professional Scaling , which will help prevent Gum diseases and Cavities. 

Braces are mainly done to align crooked teeth or correct mismatch between the jaw sizes. This can be predicated very early in your child’s development history . Once it is diagnosed it can be corrected with Growth Appliances that reduce the need for full fledged Braces treatment 

Habits like Thumb sucking , Tongue thrusting , Lip Biting can adversely affect not only your child’s teeth but also their bone growth patterns leading to poor facial appearance. Any Habits post the age of 4 yrs should be immediately intercepted using Habit Breaking Appliances. At Clinic Eximus , we have a dedicated team to diagnose and treat these issues effectively .